Oakland City Community Meeting 11/28/2017 will be at Monday Night Brewing

CCOCCO Meeting

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OCCO Fall Porch Party

porch party


When: Tomorrow. September 30, 2017

Where: 1149 Princess Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310



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August 22nd Oakland City Community Meeting- 6:30pm

Please come to our monthly meeting next Tuesday at the Reverend James Orange Park Recreation Center. 1305 Oakland Drive, Atlanta, GA 30310.
Time: 6:30pm.

We will be discussing the next summer porch party, get updates from City Councilwoman, Cleta Winslow, and hear from District 4 City Council Candidates Elizabeth Whitmore and Kim Parmer.  We will also provide information on fundraising opportunities through Kroger, Amazon, and the Recycling Perks program.

Old Business:  Do we want to tee up banners and t-shirts again or let it die?
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July’s Porch Party

Yesterday’s porch party was a great event. We met new neighbors and several political hopefuls participated in one way or another. District 4 City council candidates Jason Dozier and Kimberly Palmer came by. District 4 candidate Elizabeth Whitmore was so kind to drop off a decadent cake. Incumbent Cleta Winslow brought wine and job information. County Commission candidate Joshua McNair also came through. Finally, mayoral candidate Mary Norwood came and shared her ideas on how she planned to improve the city.

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Volunteers for Soccer in the Park at Rev. James Orange Park are needed.

Soccer in the Streets is looking for adult volunteers for Soccer in the Park at Reverend James Orange Park this Tuesday and next Tuesday. Volunteers are needed to assist with monitoring and instructing the children. The times that volunteers are needed are from 10am-12pm tomorrow and next Tuesday.
They also provide adult soccer leagues and games at various locations for those interested in playing or learning to play. Learn more about Soccer in the Streets at www.soccerstreets.org

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How the Atlanta Beltline’s Westside Trail looks right now

Concrete, plantings, lights abound as three-mile project wends toward September debut- by   Read and see more at https://atlanta.curbed.com/2017/7/3/15915032/atlanta-beltline-westside-trail-photos-looks-right-now

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Looking for Great Deals on Housing Materials?

Need to do some repairs or renovations on your home?
Check out the Lifecycle Building Center in Oakland City for great deals on materials from flooring to cabinets.
Read more about this nonprofit at http://atlanta.curbed.com/2016/11/14/13626502/lifecycle-building-center-massive-atlanta-warehouse

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Bid requests for development partners for the Murphy Crossing project are due May 11.

Good News!  Read the article about the BeltLine-  http://www.atlantaloop.com/new-beltline-zoning-allow-mix-uses-industrial-areas/    The article mentioned that “bid requests for development partners for the Murphy Crossing project have been sent out and are due May 11.”

That means that things are finally about to happen at the Murphy Crossing in Oakland City. In last September’s community meeting, Jerald Mitchell, Atlanta BeltLine Inc’s director of economic development explained that “The first step in developing the site is to stabilize it. Unstable buildings have to be removed and at least temporary roads and parking spaces created to allow access to the site. It also needs restrooms and green spaces for activities.  Once that has been completed, the space would be ready to use for pop-up markets, music festivals and food trucks. These activities would bring in much-needed revenue to the area and begin to develop a market and brand for the site.”

It is going to be exciting witnessing the changes to the site and the neighboring communities. Hopefully, all of the changes will have positive impacts.


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SPARCC Community Input Meetings Have Started.

Great things can be expected for Oakland City, West End, and the AUC.  Last Thursday, StandUp’s Deborah Scott wonderfully facilitated the SPARCC Community Input Meeting today at St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church. She gave us a history lesson on race and politics in Atlanta. She explained the purpose and potential of the city’s SPARCC Grant to re-new our neighborhoods. She reminded us to first, ask our city council representative, who was in the room, to address needs in the budget. She reminded us that a Fort Mac community action plan was written years ago to plan for the closing of Fort Mac. That community action plan showed the community’s forethought and planning for development in the area and helped them get the grant. More meetings to come and hopefully, we can move to implementation as soon as possible.  The next meeting is Thursday April 27th, at 5:30pm at St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church.

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Report Abandoned Properties, Blighted Properties, Code Violations, & Dumping

Report Housing/Business Code violations, Illegal Tire and Trash Dumping on abandoned lots, on the property of abandoned homes, or even in front of occupied homes.
A variety of ways to report housing/business code violations or dumping:

1. Call or Email Code enforcement at 404-330-6190, coderequests@atlantaga.gov:
2. Email Public Works at publicworks@atlantaga.gov:
3. Call ATL 311;
4. Contact Keep Atlanta Beautiful at info@keepatlantabeautiful.org, telephone (404) 249-5853
5. Call or email Captain Ed Fambro to schedule a community clean up of public streets and abandoned lots at 404.520.0376, efambro@atlantaga.gov

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