SPARCC Community Input Meetings Have Started.

Great things can be expected for Oakland City, West End, and the AUC. ┬áLast Thursday, StandUp’s Deborah Scott wonderfully facilitated the SPARCC Community Input Meeting today at St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church. She gave us a history lesson on race and politics in Atlanta. She explained the purpose and potential of the city’s SPARCC Grant to re-new our neighborhoods. She reminded us to first, ask our city council representative, who was in the room, to address needs in the budget. She reminded us that a Fort Mac community action plan was written years ago to plan for the closing of Fort Mac. That community action plan showed the community’s forethought and planning for development in the area and helped them get the grant. More meetings to come and hopefully, we can move to implementation as soon as possible. ┬áThe next meeting is Thursday April 27th, at 5:30pm at St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church.

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