Bid requests for development partners for the Murphy Crossing project are due May 11.

Good News!  Read the article about the BeltLine-    The article mentioned that “bid requests for development partners for the Murphy Crossing project have been sent out and are due May 11.”

That means that things are finally about to happen at the Murphy Crossing in Oakland City. In last September’s community meeting, Jerald Mitchell, Atlanta BeltLine Inc’s director of economic development explained that “The first step in developing the site is to stabilize it. Unstable buildings have to be removed and at least temporary roads and parking spaces created to allow access to the site. It also needs restrooms and green spaces for activities.  Once that has been completed, the space would be ready to use for pop-up markets, music festivals and food trucks. These activities would bring in much-needed revenue to the area and begin to develop a market and brand for the site.”

It is going to be exciting witnessing the changes to the site and the neighboring communities. Hopefully, all of the changes will have positive impacts.


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