Resources/Important Contacts for Residents

Important Contacts

  • For Trash Pick Up Concerns or Delays  Contact:  Richard Mendoza, Commissioner Public Works. Telephone- 404-330-6240, email-  Larry King is the Deputy Commissioner and his number is 404-303-6665 and email address is
  • For Code Enforcement Reporting or Updates Contact: The Office of Code Enforcement
    818 Pollard Blvd. SW Atlanta, GA 30315  Telephone- 404-546-3800,  email  Major James Shaw, Commander.  Telephone- 404-546-3800, email – . Lt. Joe Cummings,  Assistant Commander.
    Telephone- 404-546-3086, email- . Deborah Heard, Registration Coordinator. Telephone- 404-546-3800, email-
  • Crime Reporting and Issues– Major Vincent Moore, Zone 4 Commander. 1125 Cascade Cr. S.W., Atlanta, Georgia, Office Telephone-404-756-1903, email- Captain Richard Mason, Telephone-770-617-2126, email- Officer Wes Clarke, Quality of Life Officer, Telephone-404-309-8618.