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The Code Enforcement Section is responsible for the inspection and enforcement of residential and commercial properties that violate the Atlanta Housing Code, Graffiti Ordinance, and/or Commercial Maintenance and Industrial Code. Properties are inspected for violations such as:

  • decayed/damaged leaking roofs,

  • holes in flooring (both inside and out),

  • broken window glass; flaking/peeling paint,

  • units not supplied with water or adequate heat,

  • rodent infestation or unsanitary conditions,

  • overgrown, littered vacant lots,

  • junk/inoperative vehicles,

  • graffiti,

  • electrical hazards,

  • open and vacant structures,

  • dilapidated buildings, and

  • numerous other deficiencies which render properties sub standard, or unsafe to its occupants or the general public.


There are four methods by which the Bureau of Code Compliance receives violation notices. We encourage constituent involvement as we do our part to ensure a better, safer City of Atlanta. Below are the acceptable methods for submitting a code violation.

Phone—Contact the Bureau of Code Compliance at 404.330.6190, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:15 am and 5:00 pm. to speak with a customer service representative. You may all call 311 to file a complaint 24 hours a day if you are located within the city limits of Atlanta.

Email or Fax—fax our office at 404.979.4868 or send the complaint to the Bureau of Code Compliance at

Area Survey—During an inspection of a specific property, Code Enforcement Officers may also conduct an area survey for additional code violations that exist on adjacent properties.

Web Submission—Complete this form to submit a code violation request  *** Web Submissions are currently unavailable ***

What happens once I submit my code compliance violation notice?  Click here to view the process

What are some types of code violations? Here are some examples of code violations

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