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The neighborhood of Oakland City is part of the City of Atlanta’s Oakland City Historic District. To preserve the historic physical pattern, the architectural history, the historic diversity of housing in the district, and to ensure renovations, new development and construction are consistent with the characteristics of the district, the City of Atlanta created the regulations governing construction within the Oakland City Historic District. If you want to build new construction or renovate your current structure, below are some helpful links and guidelines.

Map of Oakland City Historic District: CLICK HERE (Google Maps)

Oakland City Historic Regulations: CLICK HERE

City of Atlanta Historic Preservation Office: CLICK HERE

July 3, 2024 - OCCO Historic Neighborhood Committee Meeting

5:30pm - 6:30pm

Registration Link:


August 7, 2024

September 4, 2024

*Dates subject to change. 

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You should reach out to the City of Atlanta Historic Preservation Office if you:

- Plan to purchase a renovated house and want to make sure the contractor followed historic code. (Violations stay with the home, if not done correctly you may be inheriting expensive repairs.)

- As a homeowner, planning to do exterior renovations to your home, including but not limited to, altering windows or doors, driveway paving or widening, porch renovations.

- As an investor or contractor considering purchasing a home in a historic district and want to know limitations and regulations for the property and/or lot.

- As an investor or contractor who is currently owns a property and will be submitting plans for permitting. 

Oakland City Community Organization encourage builders and investors to meet with our historic preservation committee prior to submitting construction plans for review. To set up a meeting or have a conversation, email

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