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Little Library Locations

During the summer of 2020, LBC partnered with Oakland City Community Organization to build and install Free Little Libraries in the Oakland City Community. Volunteers received kits to participate in a zoom call to collaborate on the artwork featured on each of the little libraries. When volunteers returned the decorated wood to LBC, our talented staff worked to build these beautiful libraries. Last month, LBC Staff installed three libraries in the yards of three community members, and the fourth library was installed at Fire Station 14. These libraries will help promote literacy in the community by providing free books for students to read and exchange. – LifeCycle Building Center Here are the locations of the Oakland City "Little Libraries":

  • Atlanta Fire – Rescue Fire Station 14. on Avon Ave (Off Lee St.)

  • 1148 Oakland Drive SW

  • 1047 Sparks Street SW

  • 1145 Edgefield Drive SW

Please feel free to drop off books at any of these libraries. Thank you!


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